How do children develop their own initiative, vigilance, perseverance, and trust in themselves and the environment? How do they build social competence? What conditions are necessary to foster a healthy sense of self-value and the ability to build relationships?

Anyone who cares or wonders about such questions will find insightful and contemporary answers to them in the infant pedagogics of the Hungarian paediatrician Emmi Pikler. After ten years caring for families with small children, in 1946 Emmi Pikler founded the Lóczy home for infants in Budapest, which is now known as the Pikler Institute. The intricate quality of her observations and her intensive research have paved the way for a transformation of awareness in infant pedagogics. Pikler’s approach fundamentally questions certain conventional attitudes towards children and helps us to see them with fresh eyes. A child’s potential can fulfil itself, he or she can develop a positive feeling for their body and experience themselves as competent however young they may be. This all has a positive effect on their long-term development.

In response to a growing demand by both parents and professional educators for the seminars and events we organize, we have put together a concept for a Pikler training program.

Experience shows what a huge challenge it is to properly care for and accompany children and parents especially when we strive to take their developmental needs and individual experience seriously. In addition to theoretical analysis, it is therefore essential that the adults concerned are supported in their continuing ability to evolve.

The Pikler qualification helps awaken and deepen understanding of an infant’s developmental processes whilst providing support for the personal maturation process that the adult undergoes.

With its clear conceptual outline, the Pikler training programme will contribute to maintaining and guaranteeing a high quality of Pikler pedagogics in professional work with infants.

We look forward to your interest and involvement!